Karen Kelley's The Symtarians Series

November and December 2010




With their planet dying, the inhabitants evacuated. Most went to New Symtaria, however some arrived on Earth and integrated into the society. Now, however, there is a new generation, impure, and in danger of rogues who want to kill them. Rogar, Kristor and Surlock have each arrived on earth in search of an impure and to protect her.

I believe this started as a trilogy of shapeshifting alien heroes and the heroines they are sent to protect. I am hoping that Ms. Kelley has decided to continue to series. Below I have included the beginning of my reviews for each story, with links to the full reviews. I hope that you check them out.



The Jaguar Prince

The Symtarians - Book 1

Callie Jordon's dream was to work with the big cats. Instead, she was responsible for the petting zoo section. She visited the cats whenever she could, and had a particular fondness for a jaguar named Sheba. Although she wanted to work with them, she did not want to get up close and personal, particularly with one that was loose in the zoo. One moment she was facing a wild unknown jaguar, the next, she was facing a naked stranger. Both were equally unnerving.

He claimed to be Prince Rogar Valkyir. He also believed he was from another planet, New Symtaria. As if this wasn't enough of a reason to stay away from him, Rogar thought he was a shapeshifter. Such a shame when a good looking man was crazy.

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The Falcon Prince

The Symtarians - Book 2

A naked man claiming to be from another planet had approached Rianna Lancaster. And what did her neighbors think? That she was crazy. Unfortunately they all knew her history, and she still did hear a voice in her head, but she wasn't crazy. And the naked guy? Well, it seemed in a small Texas town, as long as a guy played football, nothing was wrong with him.

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The Wolf Prince

The Symtarians - Book 3

Darcy Spencer might not have the courage to stand up to her mother and insist that she was going to pursue her dream of being a PI, but when confronted with a wolf, then a naked man, she found herself fearless. She whomped the man upside the head with a branch. Unfortunately, she realized a little too late that he wasn't attacking her.

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