The Jaguar Prince

The Symtarians - Book 1

By Karen Kelley

Brava - April 2010

Paranormal Romance

Callie Jordon's dream was to work with the big cats. Instead, she was responsible for the petting zoo section. She visited the cats whenever she could, and had a particular fondness for a jaguar named Sheba. Although she wanted to work with them, she did not want to get up close and personal, particularly with one that was loose in the zoo. One moment she was facing a wild unknown jaguar, the next, she was facing a naked stranger. Both were equally unnerving.

He claimed to be Prince Rogar Valkyir. He also believed he was from another planet, New Symtaria. As if this wasn't enough of a reason to stay away from him, Rogar thought he was a shapeshifter. Such a shame when a good looking man was crazy.

Rogar had come to Earth looking for Callie. She was descended from people who had escaped a dying planet and settled on Earth. Others had escaped to settle a new planet - New Symtaria, and were now looking for those who had been scattered to bring them to their new home. He would bring Callie with him. He was confident in his ability to persuade her.

The Jaguar Prince was an entertaining story of a woman learning the truth of her heritage. I laughed aloud as she worked out shapeshifting and communicating with her guide. I enjoyed the romance, and watching Rogar convince Callie to trust him, teach her, and finally have them fall in love. I did find the guides a little confusing, not sure where they are the rest of the time...but I hope that maybe we will learn more if this becomes a series. I would love to see certain characters visit New Symtaria in additional stories.

Kathy Andrico -


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