The Falcon Prince

The Symtarians - Book 2

By Karen Kelley

Brava - August 2010

Paranormal Romance

A naked man claiming to be from another planet had approached Rianna Lancaster. And what did her neighbors think? That she was crazy. Unfortunately they all knew her history, and she still did hear a voice in her head, but she wasn't crazy. And the naked guy? Well, it seemed in a small Texas town, as long as a guy played football, nothing was wrong with him. In fact, her own parents were renting him a room.

Prince Kristor was searching for a Symtarian descendent to have her return with him to New Symtaria. He never expected her to be so stubborn. He explained he was a prince from another planet, that she was also part-alien, and that she was in danger. He was a warrior, and instead of just picking her up and tossing her on his ship, he was trying to convince her.

If only he hadn't listened to the women in his family.

The Falcon Prince is a romance certain to entertain. Poor Ria, she had endured being considered a tad bit crazy by everyone, and now she was learning she was part shape-shifting alien. She did not like the idea of that at all. I adored the small town, their nosy caring way, thinking she might be a bit off. She was one of them, and you knew they'd protect her. But they didn't see any harm with Kristor, and her frustration was hilarious. I felt that this story better explained their animal guides, I was confused after The Jaguar Prince. However, I do wish that the end hadn't been so abrupt. I think an epilogue was definitely in order. I now eagerly await the final book of this trilogy.

Kathy Andrico -


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