Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter Series

February 2010




What if you lived where angels soared in the skies above? What if atop a skyscraper in New York City was the archangel Raphael, who evoked both fear and awe? What if you were born with the ability to smell vampires, and this enabled you to track vampires for the angels who owned their contracts? What if Raphael himself had requested your services, and your only option was acceptance?

Then your name would be Elena Devereaux.



The series begins with a short story, Angels' Pawn, which has only been released in ebook format. According to her own website, it stands alone (I have not read it to be able to verify.)

Next is Angels' Blood which is the beginning of Elena's story. We are introduced to a world both familiar and different. Angels are everywhere, and there are archangels who control different parts of the world. Vampires are real, and they have signed contracts for servitude to the angels for the change. It is the hunters, like Elena, who track vampires who try to run away from their contracts. With action, suspense, an alternate reality, romance and a heroine who can defend herself and stand up to an archangel - this series has everything. (please see my review)

In Angels' Judgement, Ms Singh takes us back before Angels' Blood and tells the story of how her friend and boss Sara met her husband Deacon while tracking a rogue hunter. Oh, and this is also when she came under consideration to become the director of the Guild Hunters - American chapter. Angels' Judgement (please see my review) stands on its own and can be read any time in the series.

Now, we have the release of Archangel's Kiss. You really should read Angels' Blood before you start this story, so I am not going to say anything further here. If you wish, you can read the review here.

This is another amazing series by Nalini Singh. Having read Archangel's Kiss, I am even more eager to learn whatever Ms Singh decides to share with us next. She reveals a little bit about the characters - and leaves us antsy for more. I look forward to the next installment.









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