Angels' Blood

Guild Hunter - Book 2

By Nalini Singh

Berkley Sensation - March 2009

Urban Fantasy Romance

Elena Deveraux was a born Vampire hunter, and one of the best. She was hired by angels to find vampires who broke their contract. Usually, they also murdered at the same time, so Elena was quite happy to find them, and she was paid quite handsomely for the task.

Then she received her newest assignment, and learning who hired her sent a shaft of fear through her. He was Raphael, an archangel, a being who could be terrifying in his harsh judgment, yet innately seductive. Elena would need all her skills to outwit Raphael's sensuality, while tracking an archangel who was leaving a trail of death in his wake.

With Angels' Blood, readers journey to a Manhattan where an archangel rules, vampires are accepted members of society, and angels graced the skies. It is a town with an unknown horror moving in its shadows, doing worse than just killing. It is a world where Nalini Singh took all preconceived notions and tossed them. There isn't a clear line between good and evil, and it is a series that I am eager to revisit. Yes, it was a bit gory at times, but that was the nature of the evil Elena was tracking. With Angels' Blood, Nalini Singh proves once again that she is a master storyteller.

Kathy Andrico -