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September 2007

I'm always a sucker for a Best Friends romance, or a reunion romance. I'm also very bad at starting in the middle of a series, because if I do, then I rarely go back to the beginning.

I was asked to read Susan Grant's How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days. When I looked into the storyline, I learned it was the third in a series. I immediately went and looked at the first story, and knew I was hooked. First, I knew I'd better start at the beginning because the series sounded fun. Second, the first story was a reunion story like no other.

In Your Planet, Or Mine? (or YPOM), (Please see my review!) Jana Jasper had met a boy she called Peter when they were both children. He had seemed magical to Jana. In actuality, Peter was really Cavin of Far Star. Far Star of course being not of this planet. Twenty years had passed, and Cavin has returned to help the woman he had always loved. Unfortunately, Jana doesn't quite believe him at first, but the assassin after them quickly changes her mind. The two of them go on the run together, where Jana learns that what she believed had been her childhood imaginary friend was now a man from another planet who had betrayed his own people to help her and her own planet. Together they must find a way to prevent Earth from being invaded.

The following two stories run concurrently after YPOM. As these are Science Fiction Romance, the only thing I'll say about YPOM is that, of course, Cavin and Jana have an HEA with the help of her family. But oh, let me tell you that I was simply salivating to find out if a particular somebody who shall remain nameless was to have his own story.

Jana has two siblings, neither of whom had followed in the Jasper's political footsteps. Whereas Jana was now a state senator, her brother Jared ran a company, but was also a military pilot, and her sister Evie had stayed home, now a single mother taking care of her two children.

In My Favorite Earthling (or MFE), (Please see my review!) Jared, being the cocky pilot that he is, inadvertently misleads Queen Keira into believing that he is the Prince of Earth. So, although he had tried hard not to follow in those Jasper footsteps, he was being forced into an entirely new direction of being married to the Queen. He was having to leave his family behind, a family that he loved, to marry a woman rumored to be quite vicious. However, he was determined that this would be a very fulfilling marriage, and that he would now protect Earth from afar.

Evie finally has her story with nameless above in How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days (or ET). (Please see my review!) This story is also shortly after YPOM, and there are references of events that are unfolding in MFE. This is actually my favorite of the three stories, because my heart so goes out to the hero. His experiences were terrible, and Evie and her teen-aged children are the perfect family to heal his scarred soul. I won't say more here, but I really, really recommend starting with YPOM for the additional enjoyment to be had by finally reading ET.

I'm hoping that Susan Grant continues with this series for awhile. I'd love to read stories about Evie's children. At least for now, I know that at one story is forthcoming.

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