Your Planet Or Mine

Otherworldly Men Series - Book 1

(Also referred to as Earthling Series)

By Susan Grant

HQN - August 2006

Science Fiction Romance

Over twenty years had passed since those few nights of magic when Jana Jasper had been a nine year old girl who didn't speak and had come face to face with Magic, in the form of a boy she called Peter. He had given her her first kiss, mended her cut, and even more, healed her inability to speak. From that night forward, she had spoken and with such eloquence and fervor, that she was now a state senator from California. Jana had followed in the path of so many Jaspers into politics, but she had never forgotten that imaginary boy who had showed her Magic.

Magic can be explained by science, but Jana and her family could not quickly explain why their family was suddenly under vicious attack. Accusations were flying, and Jana needed to keep her nose clean. Unfortunately, shortly after making that promise to her Grandpa, Jana found herself in the middle of an interstellar battle. It appears that her imaginary friend had come back to help her and all earthlings, but in so doing, had led an assassin to them. In one night, she had been involved in multiple car thefts, lying to the cops, and a car chase.

Peter, who was actually Cavin of Far Star, had never forgotten Jana, and had loved her from that moment on. It didn't help matters for Jana to learn that the fate of all earthlings were in their hands when both of them could barely restrain from keeping their hands off each other. Not only was there an assassin after them, but lies were being perpetuated against the Jaspers, and much of the political influence she had and needed was hanging by a thread.

Your Planet or Mine? was an absolute blast to read. Cavin was a fantastic hero, risking everything for the girl he had loved since they were children, and watching Jana keep a wary eye on Cavin was entertaining. The periodic bouts of action were fast-paced and heart pounding, but this story had much more than just car chases and gun fights. After all, there is more than just an alien assassin after Jana. Someone seems to be after her family and it will take all of them to triumph. I am anxious to read the next book in this series.

Kathy Andrico -