My Favorite Earthling

Otherworldly Men Series - Book 2

(Also referred to as Earthling Series)

By Susan Grant

HQN - March 2007

Science Fiction Romance

Jared Jasper had just helped save the world. Literally. But that was all in a day's work for a Jasper. Earth had been at risk of takeover from Coalition forces. Luckily, Cavin of Far Star had fallen in love with Jared's sister Jana when they were children and had defected to Earth to help.

However, now was the time for negotiations, and Jared had inadvertently presented himself as Earth's prince. Next thing he knew, he was being kidnapped by his own government, and being handed over to their new "allies". He had not followed in the families political footsteps, sure he did his part in the military, but he did not want to be a sacrifice.

However, seeing his bride was enough to make him consider all the beneficial aspects of being said sacrifice.

Queen Keira was a goddess. She was worshipped and did as she wished. Who was this barbarian who treated her as some commoner? He didn't follow protocol and didn't give the respect due her station. He insisted that there were conspiracies, but that was something she didn't wish to consider. Her advisors said everything was alright, so it must be.

My Favorite Earthling is yet another fun romp in the Otherworldly Men series from Susan Grant. We had heard horrible tales about Keira in the first book, Your Planet Or Mine, which was Jana and Cavin's story. Learning that Jared, whom I had adored in Your Planet or Mine, was to marry Keira, I knew that this would be a blast, and it was. Keira is a complex character who expects the treatment she receives as her due as goddess. However, there are horrors from her past that have made her insulate herself from others. Jared is a Jasper who loves his family, his country, and world. He is willing to leave it behind, but it is heart wrenching. His only solace is that he plans to make a true marriage with a woman who will be his partner. Now I can't wait for read the next story of the Jasper siblings, How to Lose an Extraterrestrial in 10 Days, especially considering who the hero is!

Kathy Andrico -