What Dreams May Come by Beth Honeycutt

November 2016




I had the opportunity to meet Beth Hoeycutt, and she told me about her young adult story. A teen who had always had an imaginary, male, best friend. He came to her in her dreams. She had been told he wasn't real, but he felt real.

Then one day, a new boy arrives at school. A stranger who knows her, even her favorite ice cream. Sweet, slightly paranormal and, as I wrote in my review, an absolute delight.

Below, I have a link to my review, and 3 Q&A with Beth Honeycutt. Also, Ms Honeycutt has offered an ecopy as a prize. Just be a member of my newsletter as of Nov 30. Winner will be pulled Dec 1 or later from members as of Nov 30.

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3 Q&A

KRC: What made you decide to write Young Adult, and will the entire In Dreams series remain YA?

Ms Honeycutt: Yes, the entire series will remain YA. I've always loved to read YA books, so I guess it's not surprising that when I write a book, it usually turns out to be YA. I think there's something sweet and fresh about first love and the intensity of the feelings you experience with that, so that's probably why I love YA so much.

KRC: Can you tell us some background for Where Dreams May Come? Such as how did you come up with the idea?

Ms Honeycutt: This was actually an idea I had a long time ago for a short story, but as I started writing, it grew into a novel. It all started with one tiny seed of an idea about a girl who meets a boy who knows things about her that he shouldn't have any way of knowing - like how she got that scar on the bottom of her foot when she was seven. She doesn't know him, but he knows all about her. I got intrigued by this idea and then had to figure out how he would know things about her without them having met before, and how he could convince her to trust him.

I also thought about how unnerving that would be, to be faced with someone you couldn't hide from, someone who already knew all your deepest secrets, and how that would play out - especially for a girl like Ellie, who's used to hiding away from the world, being invisible. And how cool it would be to find that this person who knows you so well - the good, the bad, the ugly - loves you anyway, just as you are.

KRC: 3) Ellie's BFF is Gabe from her dreams. For people who haven't yet read WDMC, can you explain a little of their relationship?

Ms Honeycutt: Sure. Ellie is really shy and introverted, much more comfortable going unnoticed and unseen and losing herself in her dreams, than in facing reality and dealing with people. She's really socially awkward and has no confidence in herself. Gabe is the one person she allows herself to fully open up to. He's been there for her throughout her whole life, always in her dreams, so she feels safe with him and knows she can trust him. He accepts her, just as she is, and doesn't try to change or improve her. Even better, since she knows he isn't real, she's free to tell him anything, without ever worrying that he'll ditch her for someone cooler or embarrass her by blabbing her secrets.

It's all going great...until a guy shows up at her school one day, knowing things about her that he shouldn't have any way of knowing. Suddenly, Ellie's life is very complicated. Now she's dealing with an imaginary relationship that isn't so imaginary, a dreamguy who won't stay in dreams where he belongs, and the unsettling realization that she may not be as ordinary, or as invisible, as she's always believed.



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