Torn by Kate SeRine

November 2015




Torn is a best friends romance, with a hero oh-so-in-love with his heroine. And I absolutely adored it. In Torn, we meet Joe Dawson and the girl next door Sadie. Joe had almost died when deployed, and Sadie had helped him on his return. Now her life is in danger.

Torn is the prequel to Kate SeRine's new Protect and Serve series about the Dawson brothers. In the first novel, Stop At Nothing, Kyle Dawson is reunited with the woman he still loves. Below are links for both Torn and Stop At Nothing followed by a 3 Q & A.

Also, Ms SeRine has offered a copy of winner's choice either Way of the Warrior or Stop at Nothing as a prize for this month. Winner will be pulled in December among members of my newsletter as of Nov 30. Go to the newsletter link on the right for further details.

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3 Q&A - One question each for Ms SeRine, Joe Dawson and Sadie Keaton.

Ms SeRine: Protect and Serve series is about the Dawson brothers. Can you tell readers new to the series a little about each brother?

Tom is the oldest brother. He's quiet and easy-going and tends to be the voice of reason. The others all look to Tom for advice and guidance-both personally and professionally. He's the executive deputy (second in command) to their father, Sheriff Mac Dawson, and runs the day to day operations of the Sheriff's Department. He's a widower whose wife Carly was killed in the line of duty as a DEA agent.

Gabe Dawson is extremely charming and sexy and has a reputation as being a ladies' man. He's a little too cocky for his own good and tends to get himself in trouble by mouthing off to the wrong people. He's something of a hot-head and can be too impulsive. Gabe has it bad for the deputy prosecutor, Elle McCoy. You'll get to read Gabe and Elle's story in Safe From Harm, releasing in May 2016.

Joe Dawson is the epitome of the boy next door. His childhood sweetheart, Sadie, was the only woman Joe ever saw himself falling in love with. Joe is a former National Guardsman who was wounded in Afghanistan and suffers from PTSD. He had a long road to recovery-both physically and emotionally-before he could return to his job as a deputy sheriff. Joe is intensely loyal and devoted to those he cares about. You can read about Joe and Sadie in my prequel novella, Torn, which is included in Way of the Warrior, an anthology that benefits the Wounded Warrior Project.

Kyle Dawson is the baby of the family. He's rebellious, reckless, and has been getting away with behavior that would've gotten most other FBI agents fired. But he's so good at what he does, some of his actions have been overlooked-until he screws up a high-profile case and is transferred back home. He has a volatile relationship with his father, who is a law enforcement legend, and broke with family tradition by leaving the sheriff's department to join the FBI. He's in love with Abby Morrow, a digital forensics investigator who broke things off with him after a passionate affair the summer before he went to Quantico. Now that he's back in town, the sparks are going to fly again... You can read his and Abby's story in Stop at Nothing.

Joe: Sadie was your talisman when deployed. When was the first time you realized just how much she meant to you?

I've been in love with Sadie since we were kids. But when I was wounded while on deployment in Afghanistan, I realized I'd never told her how much I loved her. Seeing your life flash before your eyes has a way of making things pretty clear, you know? Even so, I was still too chicken-#*!& to say anything for a while. I had a hard time believing that she could actually be in love with me, too. But when her life was in danger, I realized I couldn't keep telling myself that I was okay with us staying just friends.

Sadie: You grew up next door to the Dawson brothers. Tell us the truth... Did you crush on any of them besides Joe? And when did you realize Joe was the one for you?

I went out on a date with Joe's brother Kyle once when Joe was on his first deployment, but I honestly talked about Joe the entire time. I think I only went out with Kyle because I was missing Joe so much. Don't get me wrong-Kyle's a great guy. He just wasn't the one for me. Of course, even though I knew how I felt about Joe, I was too afraid of losing my best friend to admit the truth. But then getting the news that he'd been wounded, realizing how close I'd come to losing him forever, made me finally face the truth in my heart.







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