Stop at Nothing

Protect and Serve Series - Book 1

By Kate SeRine

Sourcebooks Casablanca - November 2015

Contemporary Romance

Kyle Dawson's propensity for a cocky attitude and not following the rules had landed him exactly where he didn't want to be. Not only off the case that was haunting him, but back home near his family. He loved his family, and was thrilled that his older brother Joe, and their good friend Sadie had gotten together, and would do anything for any of them. But he didn't get along with all of them, all of the time. Especially their no-nonsense father. He was the lone sheep who had gone into a different field, left home. And now was back.

And she was still forefront in his thoughts.

It had been three years since Abby Morrow had pushed Kyle out of her life, but she had never gotten over him, never missed being in his arms. She is shocked when she learns that he has returned, but when she and her sister's family are in trouble, it is only Kyle that she turns to. Kyle that she trusts with their lives.

After reading Torn, I was so looking forward to reading the next Dawson brother's story. And Stop At Nothing delivered. Full of suspense and action, the pages flew by. But it is the never-ending love that Kyle and Abby have for one another that truly shone in the story. I enjoyed watching the family dynamics as Kyle interacted with his father and brothers, as well as visiting with Joe and Sadie from Torn. The only issue that pulled me from the story was that Abby's choice of a "safe" location while they were being hunted to be about the most unsafe place she could possibly pick.

Kathy Andrico -

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