First Bite by Dani Harper



October 2013


I have long been a fan of Dani Harper's Changeling books. First, I read her Heart of the Winter Wolf - and I wanted more. Unfortunately, we fans had to wait four years, but then Ms Harper came back with fantastic news. She had a new trilogy which included Changeling Moon, Changeling Dream - rewrite of Heart and Changeling Dawn.

Now, Ms Harper has returned to the world of the Changelings, but with a new series. This series does stand on its own, and the focus will primariy be on a single couple.

Below, I have my 3 Q & A. There is one question each for Ms Harper, Neva and Travis (the two main characters). This is followed by the beginning of the review for the first story in this series.


3 Q & A - One question each for Ms Dani Harper, and the stars of First Bite, Geneva "Neva" Ross and Travis Williamson.


Ms Harper - You already have a shapeshifter world created in your Changeling series. What inspired you to start a new series, and does it connect to the existing world?

This is a story I didn't know I was going to write. The main characters, Travis Williamson and Geneva Ross, showed up in my brain without warning and started talking to me during a layover at the Seattle Airport, and WOULD NOT STOP until I'd written the whole first chapter. They've been talking ever since!

I had to explain that, because it's important for my readers to understand that this is one series I'm not in charge of.

As it turns out, these wolfen shapeshifters are just like the Macleod family - they have the same abilities, live by the same laws, and have many of the same physical characteristics such as extremely long life spans. They even call themselves Changelings. I don't yet know the origin story of this particular group - in fact, I don't know much of anything until the characters tell me! I'm just as surprised as my readers. Are the two clans going to meet up someday? I don't know, but it would be really cool if they did.


Neva - At the beginning of First Bite, you had a very biased opinion on werewolves. Can you tell readers what was the first trait/behavior/etc of Travis that made you realize that he really was different?

First off, the werewolves I knew totally deserved that bias. We're not talking about a couple of bad Hollywood movies. After what I'd witnessed with my own eyes, nothing was going to change my mind about werewolves. But I guess it was sometime after Travis kidnapped me that I started to consider he might not be like the others. I mean, he didn't kill me and chew on my bones, and that was a major difference right there.


Travis - You've been a lone wolf for years. What was the most difficult aspect of being responsible for a new Changeling?

Are you kidding? A green wolf just slows you down, plus you're forever having to explain everything. How to do this, how to do that ... I'm just not the chatty type, you know? Not to mention all the whys... (*glances over to check if Neva is within eartshot and then shrugs*). I guess I could get used to the inconvenience. It's just that I'm good at taking care of myself, and now I have to worry about somebody else's skin. It's darn dangerous to be Changeling.


Thank you Ms Harper, Neva and Travis.

I hope that this interview has piqued your interest to learn more. Below is the beginning of my review for Book 1 - First Bite.


First Bite

Travis Williamson was a lone wolf. He lived alone. He travelled alone. And he had no intention of changing that. But when he rescues Geneva Ross, everything changes. Everything she believes about Changelings is wrong, and she doesn't know the first thing about being one. A sire, someone who makes a Changeling, should never allow one newly turned to go through their first change without any guidance.

Neva did not want to become a killer, and she would if she allowed her sire's plans to proceed.

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