First Bite

Dark Wolf Series - Book 1

By Dani Harper

Montlake Romance - October 2013

Paranormal Romance

First Bite is the first book in the Dark Wolf series by Dani Harper. Although it is in her existing Changeling World, this new series stands completely on its own. This new trilogy involves the same main couple through the series.

Travis Williamson was a lone wolf. He lived alone. He travelled alone. And he had no intention of changing that. But when he rescues Geneva Ross, everything changes. Everything she believes about Changelings is wrong, and she doesn't know the first thing about being one. A sire, someone who makes a Changeling, should never allow one newly turned to go through their first change without any guidance.

Neva did not want to become a killer, and she would if she allowed her sire's plans to proceed. That meant she could not allow herself to go through her first change. She had tried to die, but Travis had unexpectedly ruined those plans. He kept telling her that being a Changeling was good.

But she knew better. She knew Meredeth, and Meredeth was after her.

First Bite is an exciting introduction to Dani Harper's Dark Wolf series. With danger lurking on every page, a relentless enemy, and a hero and heroine who alternate between being antagonistic to attracted to one another, one moment to the next - the pages literally flew by. Although this is the first in a trilogy revolving around the same main characters, this book does mostly stand on its own. Although I suspect the second book would require this to be read first.

Kathy Andrico -

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