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August 2013


I had thought that Stacey Kade's Ghost and the Goth series looked like an interesting young adult paranormal series. Luckily, I already owned all three books in the series when I started reading the first book, because I had the satisfaction of being able to read the complete series immediately.

We start with Alona Dare. Cheerleader. Popular. Appears to have the life every teenaged girl would want. Until she inadvertently steps in front of the band bus, and dies.

Will Killian had the distinct displeasure of being able to see ghosts. Now, the one girl who wouldn't be caught dead talking to him is, well, dead and talking to him.

This is a fast paced fun read filled with suspense, humor, action, mystery, ghosts, and, yes, romance. I loved every page, and look forward to more stories by Ms Kade.

Below, I have my 3 Q & A. There is one question each for Ms Kade, Alona and Will. This is followed by the beginning of the review for the first story in this series, plus links for the reviews for the second two.

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3 Q & A - One question each for Ms Stacey Kade, and the stars of The Ghost and the Goth, Alona Dare and Will Killian


Ms Kade - This series has such a unique storyline, full of twists and turns, fascinating cast of characters, ghosts, ghost hunters, and so much more. As you wrote the story, what would you say was the biggest surprise that was revealed to you - a twist or maybe a character who did something completely unexpected - even to you?

I really didn't know what Joonie was up to in the beginning. I knew she had a secret - more than one, as it turns out - but she was keeping quiet, even to me. And once I figured it out (about the same time Alona did), it was so much fun watching Will try to catch up. He was just clueless. :)


Alona - If you had known you were going to die, and that you would be hanging around in your gym outfit, what would you have worn instead?

So, here's the thing about being stuck in one outfit for the rest of your afterlife, no matter what you will, at some point, look ridiculous. I mean, have you seen the shoulder pads on some of the ghosts walking around right now? Please. It's like the 80s threw up in here. And do not even get me started on bell bottoms. They weren't attractive the first time around, okay? What was I saying? Oh, yeah, an outfit I'd rather be stuck in than my gym uniform? Um, just about anything. Seriously. Actually, you bring up a good point. If I had to choose, my cheerleader uniform might be my best bet. The styles don't change that dramatically over the years, and you know everybody loves cheerleaders.


Will - Having to deal with Alona alive - well, you never really did. And dead - she's still annoying, snobbish, rude, and basically still expects the world to revolve around her. Yet you're having to deal with her every day. Can you name at least one redeeming quality about Alona?

Only if you promise she's never going to read this. Because if you think she's bad now, does the word insufferable mean anything to you? Alona - seriously, you have to swear she's never going to see this - has an insane amount of courage. I'm not saying she always puts it to the best use, but the girl is tough. She stands up for what she thinks is right (even when she's wrong) and she won't back down until she gets what she wants. There's something in that I admire, as difficult as it sometimes makes working with her.


Thank you Ms Kade, Alona and Will.

I hope that this interview has piqued your interest to learn more. Below is the beginning of my review for Book 1 - The Ghost and the Goth - followed by links for the reviews of the second and third books in the trilogy. Do note that the reviews for the latter two books contain spoilers for the previous.


The Ghost and the Goth

It had been a rather ignoble ending - struck dead by the band bus. Her life may not have been perfect, but Alona Dare had made herself who she was. She had been homecoming queen, a cheerleader, and one look from her could either crush an individual, or elevate their social standing at school. She didn't consider herself mean, she was simply honest. And sometimes, honesty hurt. It was life, it was her life, but it was gone the moment she was distracted and stepped off the curb.

Life could be difficult for anyone. Add in having to deal with the dead hanging around who wouldn't leave you alone, and things became even more complicated. That was the problem for Will Killian. Some people thought he was schizophrenic. His principal thought he was simply a liar. But it wasn't lies or hallucinations. He only wished it was. Imaginary friends would be so much easier to deal with than the dead who were always hounding him.

Click here for full review.


Do note that the other two reviews contain spoilers for the previous book(s).


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