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May 2013




For me, the highlight of Kiss of Snow was watching the romance of Walker and Lara unfold. Now, Nalini Singh has written a short story that starts with the end of that novel, and we watch as the two of them start their lives as a mated pair. A complete delight, Texture of Intimacy is only one of four short stories that we have compiled in Wild Invitation

In Declaration of Courtship, we finally get to see the story of Cooper and Grace. We had seen and heard snippets in previously released books, but here, we finally get to see the dominant changeling Cooper court his submissive mate.

As if this wasn't enough, we are lucky enough to have republished in this anthology Beat of Temptation and Stroke of Enticement. Two fantastic previously published short stories.

Below I have the beginnings of the reviews for the four stories. Please check them out!



Beat of Temptation


Although listed as the fourth book of this series, and I highly suggest reading the series in order, this book does stand on its own. It tells the story of the senior sentinel Nate and Pack healer Tamsyn, which took place almost two decades before the series begins.

Tamsyn had returned home. It had been a short time since the pack had been attacked, and they had lost their alpha, healer, and so many more. Though only nineteen, Tamsyn was the new pack healer, and had just returned from training. The entire pack turned to her in their time of need, for comfort, and for healing, yet her mate continued to turn away.

From the day she had turned fifteen, Nate had recognized Tamsyn as his mate.

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Stroke of Enticement


Although I typically put a disclaimer that these stories should be read in order, this short story does stand on its own.

From the moment he went to retrieve his nephew from school, Zach knew he had met his mate. The schoolteacher made his cat purr, and he intended to use all of his skills of stealth to lure her, and make her his.

Annie had never held prejudice against the changelings, but she was definitely experiencing first hand the single minded seductive intent of a dominant leopard male.

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Declaration of Courtship


Although I typically put a disclaimer that these stories should be read in order, this short story does stand on its own.

Patience may not be a trait typically associated with a dominant feline changeling, but when he realized she was his mate, Cooper knew he had to be on his best behavior. He might want to claim her the first moment he saw her, but she would have to settle into the den, make friends and strengthen relationships. She was a submissive wolf he would have to stalk slowly and carefully.

But not too cautiously.

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Texture Of Intimacy


Texture of Intimacy immediately follows the end of Kiss of Snow. It is, in effect, an epilogue of Lara and Walker's story, which had been the secondary romance in Kiss of Snow. This review assumes that the reader has read the previous stories in Nalini Singh's Psy-Changeling series, and does contain spoilers to prior books. Also, due to back stories in previous books, I highly suggest reading the series in order.

Lara had known mating Walker Lauren would be as amazing and complex as the man himself. Once shielded so tightly in Silence, Walker had been forced to hide his emotions. The love he felt for his family, the anger he felt for the abuse of the children under his care. The helplessness of knowing he couldn't stop the pain, but was able to give them the only gift he could. Until the day his family had faced annihilation and they had defected. This past, his fears, his emotion, he now shared with her, and Lara treasured everything that he was. Father. Uncle. Brother. Patriarch. Her Mate.

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