Gabriel's Ghost and Shades of Dark by Linnea Sinclair

September 2008


Linnea Sinclair creates an amazing backstory for each of the books that she writes. When I read Games of Command, I was certain it was part of a series simply due to the depth of backstory. I was quite disappointed to learn that it was a single story in that universe, and that I would not see Kel-Paten (my all time fave romance genre novel hero) again.

Each story she has written has been single titles. Gabriel's Ghost started in that manner. In GG, we met Gabriel Sullivan, another tortured, wonderful hero, and watched as he struggled with many challenges. One such challenge was attempting to woo Chasidah Bergren.

Gabriel's Ghost recently had a sequel issued - Shades of Dark. Unlike most romance series where it is a new couple, this is more of a continuation of Chaz and Sully's relationship. It should definitely not be read as a stand alone. Also, it is important to know that there will be another story following this, but about different characters. I eagerly await that story.

Below is my review for Gabriel's Ghost, and the link for my review of Shades of Dark (which does contain GG spoilers). I hope that this month's "corner" intrigues you enough check out this exciting series!



Once, Captain Chasidah Bergren had been committed to the Empire. Then she had been set up, convicted, and banished to the prison world of Moabar. She believed herself to have been abandoned by everyone, including her family. Then she finds herself approached by a ghost.

Chaz had heard that Gabriel Sullivan was dead, but here he was, standing in front of her, with an offer to escape. He said that he needed her help, and she was more than willing to give it. Conspiracies were rampant in the Empire, and Sully had learned that jukors, vile creatures that kill indiscriminately, were being bred.

It would take ingenuity, luck, unexpected alliances, and the secrets that Sully has hidden from everyone, for their mission to succeed.

Gabriel's Ghost is an incredible read. Ms Sinclair simply has a knack for creating worlds, situations, and conditions that make the reader feel as if they are part of that universe. The action is already in progress as the first paragraph begins, and it doesn't let up throughout the story. There is an amazing cast of diverse characters, human and other, and we get to know each one. I am continually astounded by the depth of Ms Sinclair's creativity.

Just a note, this book is actually classified as Science Fiction, not Romance. There is the obligatory HEA, as could be expected in romance, but there is a much higher focus to the science fiction aspect than would be in a "Sci-Fi Romance". Still, as primarily a romance reader, this is definitely a Romance Keeper for me.

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If you have already read Gabriel's Ghost, please check out my review of Shades of Dark.






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