Shades of Dark

Gabriel's Ghost Dock 5 Universe - Book 2

Disclaimer - This is Science Fiction with a Continued Romance

By Linnea Sinclair

Bantam - July 2008

Science Fiction (with a continued romance)

The following review assumes that the reader has already read Gabriel's Ghost. It contains spoilers, plus I highly recommend reading this series in order.

Making any relationship work was difficult. Chaz already had one divorce in her history. Now, she was living with Sully, a man she loved with all her heart, but a man whose own being was considered an abomination. Sully was able to manipulate matter, could remove memories, and more. In fact, he was gaining powers all the time, but he wasn't trained to control them. He had bonded Chaz to himself, and many would believe that he brainwashed her. There was much hatred for those with Sully's abilities, and some of those people were members of their crew.

Chaz and Sully had additional problems than a possible mutiny if the truth of Sully became known. It was very possible that everyone would learn the truth, or at least they would learn what he was, and the fears of that would impede their mission of destroying the jukor lab they have been searching for.

There also seems to be the imminent collapse of the Empire, and the lives of many of their friends are in jeopardy. Desperate for any help they can gain, Sully agrees to bring onboard someone who has vital information to help them with their cause. What he doesn't understand at the time is that this decision ultimately may lead to his losing Chaz.

Linnea Sinclair has done it again. Shades of Dark gripped me from the beginning, and I did not want to put it down. It was painful to watch Sully try to control his powers, wanting acceptance from Chaz, his friends, and his crew. The cast of characters is terrific, and I eagerly await Hope's Folly, the third book in this series.

As the disclaimer states, this is a Science Fiction novel, with a continuing romance. That means that the hero and heroine met and fell in love in Gabriel's Ghost. This then continues the growth of their relationship, with of course, an HEA. However, the Science Fiction is a larger focus of the story than you would find with a "Sci-Fi Romance". Also, I think that many romance readers will find the ending to be a little abrupt since there are still issues that need resolved. Guess that'll be addressed later in the series, which I await very impatiently. Again, as with Gabriel's Ghost, this is a Romance Keeper for me.

Kathy Andrico -