Visions of Fear

By Donna Wright

The Wild Rose Press - 2008

Romantic Suspense

Special Agent Josephine Caldwell had come to Ramsey County, Tennessee for one purpose, to solve the case of several abducted women. She expected the cooperation of the local law enforcement, and no unnecessary interference from the locals.

Mason Fletcher wasn't sure if it was a blessing or a curse, but he sometimes had visions that were able to help the police. This was certain to be something that the high and mighty uptight Special Agent wouldn't accept. She made it blatantly clear what she thought about him, and his "abilities".

In fact, Jo considered it rather possible that Mason might be involved. There were no suspects, not many clues, and no correlation between the victims. The only evidence available was what the "psychic" was providing. Jo was determined to rescue the women, what she didn't know was if she would be able to protect her heart from the only man she worried could be their suspect.

Visions of Fear captured my interest from page one. I loved the small town atmosphere, how Mason's character interacted with the local law enforcement, and was simply fascinated with Mason's ability. I felt for him, witnessing these events, but not being able to fully provide enough information to save the women. I got a bit annoyed with Jo's inflexible stance against Mason, but was able to forgive her by the end. I look forward to additional works by Ms. Wright.

Kathy Andrico -