Miracle At Midnight

By Stacia Wolf

Samhain - December 2007

Romantic Comedy

Comtessa Amara de la Cortese had been punished by St. Nicholas for her mistreatment of her subjects, and their children. For two days, every fifty years, Amara was released from her prison of being a statue to learn the meaning of love. She had ten opportunities, and had failed the previous nine times. Now was her tenth, and last, chance.

After his divorce, Nick Gamble knew he and his young daughter had drifted apart. Now, she was with him for the holidays, and he wanted to strengthen their relationship. When Sami comes to him declaring that the statue had come to life, and he needed to help that woman, Nick knew it was probably just a homeless person or maybe an addict. But when he saw Sami's expression, Nick knew he was lost. Sami still believed in magic, and that he could solve anything. He would help this woman and her search for the meaning of love.

What he didn't know was that magic still existed, and that he was intricately tied to the answer to her question.

Miracle at Midnight was a touching romance, perfect for the holiday season. A woman, whose heart had been as solid as the statue she had been turned into, must learn the meaning of love. Time after time, she had glimpsed love, but it had still not been the complete answer. Not until she meets Sami and Nick.

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