Alfie the Christmas Cat

Alfie the Cat Series - Book 7

Disclaimer - This is Not a Romance Genre Series

By Rachel Wells

Avon - November 2020


Alfie's extended family was always growing, which made it all the more difficult for him to keep everyone managed. Solving his family's problems was what Alfie did. Actually, he thrived on it. Christmas was coming, and Alfie had his paws full with strategizing how to help on a fundraiser, as well as find out why one of the children was beginning to misbehave in ways that worried all the adult humans.

This could have daunted a lesser cat, but Alfie knew that he was up to the challenge. The decision was made for a holiday show to raise money for a homeless shelter. You would think everyone would be on board to help others, especially with Christmas just around the corner, but it seemed someone was intent on sabotaging the fundraiser.

Alfie might be busy helping his family and rehearsing his part, but he knew he had to help catch the culprit. He would rally the troops to investigate.

Alfie the Christmas Cat is a fun festive read for the holiday season. It is always interesting to see what the residents of Edgar Road are up to - human, feline and dog alike. I always enjoy watching as Alfie contrives to share his thoughts and opinions with the humans. I loved the focus on helping others. It would be truly lovely if everyone who enjoys their time reading Alfie the Christmas Cat pays it forward by helping someone in need.

Kathy Andrico -


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