A Friend Called Alfie

Alfie the Cat Series - Book 6

Disclaimer - This is Not a Romance Genre Series

By Rachel Wells

Avon - October 2019


Life is never simple on Edgar Road, and that was exactly the way Alfie liked it. His newest challenges were enough to keep Alfie hopping, or at least not taking as many cat naps as he would like. Alfie was a cat, he had an adopted son, George, and lots of family, consisting of both humans and felines. But this, well, this was going to take all of Alfie's patience and ingenuity.

A dog had joined their ranks. A dog named Pickles. He was a puppy still, and it was up to Alfie to teach him. Unfortunately, memory seemed to be short for Pickles, and he didn't remember to follow the rules. One Pickles scrape after another, and one would think that would be all Alfie was expected to handle.

But no. George had become determined to find a job of his own. It wasn't that Alfie didn't trust his son, but well, he was responsible for him and wanted to know what George was up to. So Alfie needed to find a way to either get George to tell him, or he'd have to find another way to uncover the truth.

So two big assignments for Alfie to conquer, but life wasn’t done with him yet. That was fine though. Alfie liked helping his family and friends and coming up with plans. That was his job. He would succeed as only a cat could.

A Friend Called Alfie was a fun return to Edgar Road. Whereas Alfie In The Snow had been a tear jerker, this was much more lighthearted and an adventurous romp. George convinces Pickles to try to become a cat, and Pickles' plans to succeed were entertaining. There were some surprises guaranteed to please fans of the series. I hope to return again to Edgar Road and see what Alfie plots next.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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