Alfie in the Snow

Alfie the Cat Series - Book 5

Disclaimer - This is Not a Romance Genre Series

By Rachel Wells

Avon - October 2018


Changes were coming to Edgar Road, and of course, Alfie was a cat up to the task of overcoming any challenges that might be coming their way. First, a new family moved in. A woman, daughter and cat. The mother, Sylvie, her daughter, Connie, and their cat Hana had lived in Japan, apparently somewhere far away, until recently. To Alfie, Hana was an unusual cat, she was an indoor cat. As in didn't come outside. It sounded very lonely to Alfie, and he was determined that he and his adopted son George would become friends with Hana, and find a way for her to come outside. Plus, he wanted to bring happiness to Sylvie and Connie as they seemed sad.

He knew that having Sylvie, Connie and Hana join his family was the best way to accomplish this. After all, he had a paw in bringing together his extended family. They all became good friends who chose to be family. Just like him and Tiger, his girlfriend, with George. They had chosen to have George be their son. But Tiger was tired lately, and not feeling well. She had even had to visit the vet. He was worried for her, but she said that she was fine.

And he had even more worries. George was stretching his independence. Alfie was proud of his schemes and their success, but now the kids in their family appeared to be having their own schemes. Some good, some he needed to figure out how to thwart. Oh well, Alfie knew he, George and his friends were up to the tasks.

Alfie In The Snow was a sweet, poignant story of families, and of course cats. I enjoyed watching as the families try to help Sylvie and Connie, but Sylvie is mired in her own pain, and unfortunately everyone else receives the brunt of her anger, particularly Connie. Especially when she learns that Connie is seeing someone. I enjoyed watching Alfie plan and plot, as well as him interact with the other neighborhood cats. Alfie In The Snow may not always be laughter and smiles, but it is always heart, friends and love.

Kathy Andrico -


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