Alfie the Holiday Cat

Alfie the Cat Series - Book 4

Disclaimer - This is Not a Romance Genre Series

By Rachel Wells

Avon - November 2017


Alfie's living about the best life a cat can live. He has three great families, and they are all friends. He now has a son, George, that he and his one family adopted. And he has several friends, plus a girlfriend.

Life hasn't always been perfect, there have been challenges, but things are going well now. Then, his three families decide to renovate a holiday home. A nice home in a lovely village that is just perfect for everyone, including Alfie and George.

So off they all go for the summer at a cottage with the beach just in sight. The perfect getaway and safe place for the kids, and cats, to enjoy their summer while the adults take care of things, including overseeing the renovations. What could possibly go wrong?

Alfie is suspicious of the problems hampering the renovations. Their closest neighbor is trouble, and her cat is downright rude, making George's infatuation with her all the more bothersome. Plus, there is a suspicious odor in the home Alfie is determined to identify.

This all might be overwhelming for your average cat, but not for Alfie, the Holiday Cat.

Alfie the Holiday Cat was an absolute delight. I hadn't read the previous stories, and although Alfie refers to events in his past which certainly happened in those stories, those anecdotes just enhanced this story. Yes, Alfie is the main character, and he understands English, although his families sometimes use words and phrases that he doesn't quite understand, but he can figure their gist. It is just more difficult at times for him to convey his messages. I absolutely adored the story and plan to read the previous ones. My only comment is for US readers to not confuse the title and think this is a Christmas "holiday" story. Here, the title would probably be Alfie the Vacation Cat but this is set in England where taking a vacation is referred to as taking a holiday.

Kathy Andrico -


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