Seducing A Scottish Bride

MacKenzie Series - Book 6

By Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Grand Central Publishing - March 2009

Historical Romance

Lady Gelis MacKenzie might have despaired of ever finding love and being married, after all, her father wasn't likely to approve of any man. Then, she had a vision of a raven, and she knew that this was the man she was destined to marry and love. She would simply have to convince her father.

Duncan, her father, was chieftain of the Clan MacKenzie and had a reputation which garnered both loyalty and fear. Although Gelis would never fear her father, she knew that he wasn't easily swayed. Finding him in such a condition would have unnerved her, until she learned the reason. Although he didn't want to accept the offer of marriage between her and the grandson of the MacRuari chieftain, honor dictated that he couldn't refuse.

Ronan MacRuari had no intention of marrying Gelis. For too long, the inhabitants of Castle Dare had suffered a curse due to one of Ronan's ancestors stealing an artifact. Ronan had already lost two wives, and he had no intention of risking Gelis' safety. He would develop a plan to protect Gelis, save the honor of the MacKenzies and MacRuaris, all the while not marrying Gelis.

Seducing a Scottish Bride was an entertaining read with romance and a dash of paranormal. It was a pleasure to revisit the MacKenzies, and watch Duncan have to deal with adult daughters. I adored Ronan and empathized as he struggled to ignore his attraction to Gelis for what he considered to be a better life without him. I definitely look forward to the next MacKenzie romance.

Kathy Andrico -