Knight In My Bed

MacLean Series - Book 1

By Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Warner Books - April 2002

Historical Romance

The last place Donall the Bold expected to be was chained to the bed of his rival clan's lady chieftain. He had delivered the lifeless body of his sister-in-law and was headed to find the villains who killed her when he was ambushed. Now he stood accused of her murder by guilt-by-association.

Lady Isolde was certain that her sister's husband had killed her sister, and as his brother, Donall held some of the responsibility. She didn't want a war, for she was certain that her clan couldn't win. Instead, she was determined to have peace between the two clans.

Thus begins her bold plan for peace. After gleaning information from the local joy woman, and receiving helpful potions from an old woman who practiced the ancient arts, Isolde is determined to seduce Donall. She is certain that a child will create a bond of peace. Initially Donall is resolved to resist Isolde, but he soon finds himself drawn to his captor. Then, Donall becomes equally determined to not be a mere conquest, but be the conqueror himself.

Sue-Ellen Welfonder continues to prove herself to be one of today's brightest new authors. With Knight in My Bed Ms Welfonder delivers a romance full of passion and emotion and again creates characters that we wish to see again.

Kathy Andrico -