Bride of the Beast

MacKenzie Series - Book 2

By Sue-Ellen Welfonder

Warner Books - January 2003

Historical Romance

Lady Caterine Keith had absolutely forbidden her best friend, Rhona, from sending to her sister for a champion. She should have known that that wouldn't slow Rhona in the least. Rhona had written to her sister requesting a champion to pose as her husband in order to deter Sir Hugh. Caterine had no intention of marrying again. Especially not to a Sassunach.

Sir Marmaduke Strongbow had pushed his most secret desires to the deepest recesses of his soul. Once very handsome, he had been brutally scarred, and had lost the wife he had loved. Lonely, yet certain that he would never again marry, Marmaduke at first rejected the request by his liege's wife to pose as her sister's husband. Marriage was too sacred to taint in such a manner. Thus, it was suggested that he marry her in truth, and Marmaduke was well pleased. A chance to marry the sister of one he regarded in such high esteem was the answer to many a dream. Marmaduke's dreams were quickly shattered upon speaking to Lady Caterine. Rejected. And not for his fearsome scars. It was the fact that his accent betrayed his heritage as English, and Caterine hated them.

So endearing, I had been wanting Marmaduke to find a new love since meeting him in Ms Welfonder's Devil in a Kilt. He is the quintessential romantic, one who considers marriage a blessing. Lady Caterine, although unbending in her view of Marmaduke's English blood, is still a sympathetic heroine. Thrilled to have been a reader of Ms Welfonder's since her debut, I am looking forward to many more romances filled with emotion, relationships, and most of all - love.

Kathy Andrico -