The Ace

Short Story in Bet Me Anthology

By Debra Webb

Harlequin - August 2007

Contemporary Romance

Operation: Clean Sweep was under way in Las Vegas with the intent to clean up the city in seventy-two hours. Three female cops, all friends, are all going undercover. The Bet? Whichever of the three finish their case first, as well as have their report filed, will have a spa weekend and a one-week vacation.

Sergeant Clarissa Rivers was sent undercover as a maid in the Free Throw Casino to expose illegal gambling. She knew she wouldn't be able to enter the most elite VIP floors, but that was until she met The Ace, Tour de France winner Luke Jennings. He offered marriage, and access to those floors.

Luke was tired of all the women throwing themselves at him. His recent injury ensured that his career was now over, and he was tired of emotionless relationships where the women were only after fame. He offered "Cris" the job of pretending to be his wife for the weekend, she simply asked for access to the VIP floors. It seemed a simple enough offer.

Neither expected love to interfere.

The Ace is a romance that brings together a hero coming to terms with his injury, and realizing how empty his life is, and a heroine who is determined to do her job to protect others. Neither enter "the bet" expecting love, and are shocked at how quickly it comes. This story is part of the Bet Me Anthology which includes The Joker by Catherine Mann and The Wildcard by Joanne Rock.

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