The Right Kind of Trouble

The McKay Series - Book 3

By Shiloh Walker

St. Martin's - August 2016

The Right Kind of Trouble is the third and final story in the The McKays series. They are tightly connected and it is recommended to read them in order, starting with Headed for Trouble. Even the review below provides spoilers from the previous two stories.

Gideon Marshall had always loved Moira McKay. He knew it, she and her family knew it. The whole town knew it. Enough was enough though, and he'd given her too many opportunities to reconcile. He was moving on. He was dating a lovely lady, and he needed to stop thinking of Moira, but that was hard considering the fact that he considered her family his own. And that danger kept coming after her, her brother and sister, and their significant others.

It was too late. Moira thought that maybe she was finally at a place where she could open herself again to Gideon, but he had moved on. It wasn't surprising. She had repeatedly pushed him away for too many years. Two decades of denying the depth of emotion she felt for him.

When Moira is attacked, Gideon can't stay away. Not only was he the police chief, but Moira was in trouble. And if Moira, or any of the McKays for that matter, needed help, he would be there for them. This time, things seemed different, Moira was opening up to him, and he wanted to believe that finally, they could be together. But this was it. If she turned him away one more time, he was done.

Moira and Gideon. Finally, after years apart, the two reunite in The Right Kind of Trouble. Someone has been threatening the McKays and their loved ones, and the danger is increasing. An assault on Moira, fire, more deaths. Someone has a vendetta against them. Gideon remains steadfast in facing the danger and his relationship with Moira. There has never been any doubt of his love for her, but the question is whether they can mend the wounds Moira has inflicted on them both by keeping them apart. Intense and romantic, The Right Kind of Trouble is the perfect ending for the McKay trilogy.

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