The Trouble With Temptation

The McKay Series - Book 2

By Shiloh Walker

St. Martin's - May 2016

The Trouble with Temptation is the second story in the The McKays series. They are tightly connected and it is recommended to read them in order. Even the review below provides spoilers from the first story, Headed for Trouble.

Hannah Parker couldn't remember much. She didn't understand why there was always a cop present outside her hospital room. She didn't remember what had happened that had landed her in the hospital and with amnesia. She did recognize Brannon. It was as though he was etched in her very soul. And he apparently was the father of the child growing inside her, a child whose conception she couldn't remember either.

Brannon McKay had the money to do about anything he wanted, but it couldn't do everything. He and his sisters had lost their parents, and no amount of money could have brought them back. He had pushed Hannah decisively out of his life. It had taken her accident and almost losing her forever, that had brought Brannon to his senses where Hannah was concerned. He wanted her, and their baby, in his life.

Hannah's amnesia troubles Brannon. Or rather it is what happened the night that a local townswoman was killed, and what Hannah witnessed before her accident that worries Brannon. For it is soon apparent that the danger isn't disappearing, it is just growing.

The Trouble with Temptation is a sweet reunion between a woman who has always loved a man, and a man who has been scared of the emotions she has evoked in him. Until now, Brannon has, quite frankly, been a jerk towards Hannah. Many may say that he doesn't deserve her love. But it is quickly apparent once Hannah is injured that he does love her. Although focused on their relationship, Hannah and Brannon cannot forget the threat to Hannah. It is not just their relationship that drives the story. Readers will enjoy seeing Neve McKay and Ian from Headed for Trouble, and will be eager to finally see Gideon hopefully reunite with the third McKay, Moira, in the final story, The Right Kind of Trouble. In which I suspect all the mysteries will finally be resolved.

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