Headed For Trouble

The McKay Series - Book 1

By Shiloh Walker

St. Martin's - January 2016

Neve McKay was tired of running. She'd run from her hometown to prove her independence. She had been swept into a relationship, which had turned into a nightmare. And now she was running from him. Back home to McKay's Treasure. She knew she would have to reach out to her siblings, but not her first night home. And when she went into the bar, hoping to regain her composure at being home, the sight before her knocked the wind out of her.

Ian Campbell had come to America to manage a bar for his best friend. Things were looking great, especially the night that Neve came in. It was something at first sight. Maybe not love, but as the days passed, he knew that it was much more than a mere attraction. The fact that she was his best friend's baby sister might have put a damper on his ardor, but only for a moment. But his passion for Neve was equally matched by his protective instincts when he learned her past.

Headed For Trouble is an intense, passionate, romantic suspense. Neve had a traumatic past. From the death of her parents, to an abusive relationship. But it was healing the relationships with her brother, Brannon, and sister, Moira, that were equally as important as the one she was starting with Ian. Ian was a fascinating hero, a Scottish transplant in the Deep South. But it was his growing love for Neve, and his entertaining interactions with Brannon that stand out. Brannon and Moira have equally compelling histories and deserve their own happily ever afters. Thankfully, readers can look forward to their stories. Hopefully soon.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com


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