Hot As Hell

Deep Six Series - Prequel

Short Story in The Way of the Warrior Anthology

By Julie Ann Walker

Sourcebooks Casablanca - May 2015

Contemporary Romance

It had just been another day for Harper Searcy as secretary to the American Ambassador to Pakistan, until the world exploded. Literally. They had been overrun and she needed to escape to the panic room. The Ambassador was proving not to think under attack, so she was on her own. But there was one man she knew she could count on to come to the rescue.

Not much worried Michael Wainwright, but Harper managed to do it repeatedly. First, there were the brush offs she'd been giving him, but he intended to rectify that situation as soon as he saw her again. It was the time she did call him, and the fear he heard in her voice that terrified him. Harper was in danger, and he and his SEAL comrades were going to rescue his woman.

Hot As Hell was an action-adventure romance. Harper was one independent strong heroine determined to get herself to a safe place until the team she knew would come to her rescue. Including the one man who could make her weak. Who could make her rethink her determination to keep him away. I loved everything about this short romance, and would like to see more of this series.

The Way of the Warrior Anthology supports the Wounded Warrior Project and includes: Hot as Hell by Julie Ann Walker, In Plain Sight by Catherine Mann, Torn by Kate SeRine, War Games by Lea Griffith, Beauty and the Marine by Tina Wainscott, NSDQ by M. L. Buchman, SEALed with Passion by Anne Elizabeth, and Home Fire Inferno by Suzanne Brockmann

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