The Princess and Her Bodyguard

Short Story in Pets in Space 4 Anthology

By E. D. Walker

October 2019

Science Fiction Romance

It was all Princess Liana's fault. First, she had stolen a kiss from her bodyguard Jacen. He hadn't acted inappropriately at all, but he had borne the consequence and been fired. And if he hadn't been fired, she and Pym, her bonded bird, wouldn't have been kidnapped and taken off planet. The two of them had been trying to escape, but to no avail until an unexpected rescuer arrived.

Nothing would keep Jacen from coming to Liana's aid. He would love to fly her away immediately, but she had been separated from Pym, and Liana would probably be needed to assist in Pym's rescue. The stakes were high, and the risks even higher, but Jacen was willing to risk anything for the only woman he had ever loved.

The Princess and Her Bodyguard has a little bit of a reunion story, a whole lot of action, and at its heart, romance. The history and links of the bird companion were interesting, and it was fascinating to watch the characters interact. I loved how determined Liana was to save herself and Pym, and Jacen was willing to step right in and not dissuade her.

Kathy Andrico -