The Bajo Cats of Anteros XII

Short Story in Embrace the Passion:

Pets in Space 3 Anthology

By E. D. Walker

October 2018

Science Fiction Romance

If it hadn't been for the emergency call, Zandro Casillas would never have called Aliette DuBois. Two bajo kittens had been rescued from a drug house, and everyone at the station had handled the kittens. Normally, this wouldn't be a bad end to the day for the officers, but bajo kittens weren't everyday kittens. They were an endangered species and when someone came into contact with them, their pheromones created a high in their handlers.

Zandro couldn't wait for public transportation to open, he needed immediate transport to that moon, and there was only one captain he could think to call.

Aliette couldn't believe Zandro had called her. Actually, she could. His bajo cats needed help, and he would do anything, even call her, for assistance. What she truly couldn't believe was that she had agreed. But even that was a lie. She might have left him, but she had never truly gotten over him. And here she was, once again, helping him with his greatest passion.

The Bajo Cats of Anteros XII introduces a unique twist in the war on drugs, while delivering a lovely reunion romance. Who would ever suspect cuddling a cute little kitten would cause such harm? Luckily, there are people who protect animals, and Zandro is one of them. Doing so, however, comes with costs, and for him, he had lost Aliette. The bajo kittens were dangerously cute, and I loved watching Zandro and Aliette reunite.

Kathy Andrico -