Baron Of Dragon's Reach

By Shereen Vedam

The Wild Rose Press - 2008

Paranormal Romance

Agreements had been made, and now Elena had been betrothed to Lord John William Giles. Her father was ecstatic, and certain that Elena would come to love her new husband. It would also bring peace to the people, but it brought anything but peace to Elena.

The previous year, Elena had fallen in love with a minstrel. She had believed in him, and given herself to him. However he had left and never returned. Fearing the ramifications of no longer being a virgin, Elena seeks out the local witch to disguise this fact. Unfortunately, the spell leaves Elena invisible, and even further complicates the matter of her upcoming marriage.

Baron of Dragon's Reach was a sweet enjoyable short tale. Elena was engaging, and it was entertaining watching as the people trying to help her only caused more problems. It was a little predictable, but pleasantly so. This was a perfect story to pick for a quick, light, slightly paranormal romance.

Kathy Andrico -