Pet Trade

Central Galactic Concordance Series

Short Story in Embrace the Romance:

Pets in Space 2 Anthology

By Carol Van Natta

October 2017

Science Fiction Romance

Axur Tragon had escaped, but knew it could be temporary. He was too valuable, not only with his cybernetic enhancements, but experimental technology he had been volunteered for. He was living a quiet life, trying not to bring attention to himself. Although that was quite difficult considering his modifications made him stand out in any crowd. Unfortunately, his escape included rescuing a bunch of animals that needed medical attention, and he had to seek a veterinarian for help.

Vet Bethnee Bakonin had an innate ability to help animals. Her past kept her from being comfortable with men, but she couldn't ignore the animals in Axur's care. Luckily, Axur was more than willing to accommodate her skittishness, and she realized over time that she was beginning to relax in his presence.

Pet Trade was a poignant romance of healing. Both Axur and Bethnee are living with scars, and they are both dedicated to the animals in their care. Axur was the perfect hero for Bethnee, finding a way to work with her while keeping her feeling safe. I loved watching as these two individuals start to heal, and find love together.

Kathy Andrico -