Cats of War

Central Galactic Concordance Series

Short Story in Embrace the Passion:

Pets in Space 3 Anthology

By Carol Van Natta

October 2018

Science Fiction Romance

Military Subcaptain Kedron Tauceti was anxious to leave his current assignment. The only highlight was Ferra, but he knew better than to express any interest in her due to her current situation, and his position of authority. They just passed time together as she did her work. That was until he noticed her sneaking something out of the gates. Worried that she might be involved in something illegal, he investigated, then realized that she was simply performing a rescue.

Ferra Barray was not a prisoner. No. Despite the guards, and gates, it was always made clear that they were indenturees. People who owed a debt, but had to work it off. Ferra only owed a few more months of work, and she would be free. She just needed to keep her head down, do her work, and not show that she had more abilities than she'd exhibited so far. Bringing attention to herself was not one of her plans.

She had quietly used her skills to rescue some animals, but when she encountered two cats, she knew that she was going to need help. These weren't just everyday kitties. No, these cats communicated telepathically, and had wings. And there was only one person she trusted to help her.

Cats of War was a fascinating romance in a unique situation. As an indenturee, Ferra was almost a prisoner. She was definitely at risk from so many sources which kept the suspense constant through the story. Kedron and Ferra were definitely in positions that didn't facilitate a romance between one another. Luckily, both were able to overlook their current situations and focus on a potential future.

Kathy Andrico -