X-Ops Exposed

X-OPS - Book 8

By Paige Tyler

Sourcebooks Casablanca - April 2018

Paranormal Romance

X-Ops Exposed is the eighth full length novel in Paige Tyler's X-OPS series. I highly recommend reading these books in order, starting with the prequel to the series, Her Secret Agent.

Tanner Howland had once again run away. First, from his family. Then from his friends and people who understood him. Mostly, he had run from Dr. Zarina Sokolov, the woman he loved, but he couldn't be with. He was too dangerous. He wasn't like the other shifters who worked at the Department of Covert Operations. They were natural. Born with their abilities. He had been taken, changed against his will, and had little to no control over himself when that happened. He had no intention of once again being a danger to those he cared about.

Zarina might be very intelligent, but out in the woods, well, she was definitely out of her element. She hoped that Tanner would find her before something decided to make dinner of her, because there was little hope of her finding him. Luckily, he did find her. Unfortunately, he wasn't as happy to see her as she was to see him. But she finally had the answer, the solution to his problem. She had a remedy, it would reset him back to before he had been turned into a hybrid. Of course, there was one drawback, but that wasn't as risky as others who were attacking the other inhabitants in the woods. Loners who had decided to live off the grid in small communities, they didn't trust the government, and were slowly being picked off one after another.

X-Ops Exposed was the one romance I have been most eager for. Tanner and Zarina finally finding their happily-ever-after, but not without facing danger together. Of course, Zarina has to put her foot down in wanting to stay with Tanner, and Tanner wants to put Zarina on the first transport of any kind out of the area. And away from him. I loved watching them finally acknowledging their feelings for one another and working together to face these challenges.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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