Her Dark Half

X-OPS - Book 7

By Paige Tyler

Sourcebooks Casablanca - September 2017

Paranormal Romance

Her Dark Half is the seventh full length novel in Paige Tyler's X-OPS series. I highly recommend reading these books in order, starting with the prequel to the series, Her Secret Agent.

Working at the Department of Covert Operations wasn't what it used to be for Trevor Maxwell. It was difficult for all the shifters. The longtime director, John Loughlin, had been murdered. The new leadership, and many of the operatives, had a disdain for all the shifters. Trevor knew he had a bullseye on his back, one for simply being a shifter, and two, it was possible that others knew he was in contact with former operatives, people close to John, and determined to find justice.

When he was ordered in to see the new director, Trevor was surprised to learn that instead of being detained or questioned, he was actually going to be assigned to search for the traitors. Trevor was more than happy to take the assignment, he could search for the real traitors, not his friends who were in hiding. The only problem was that he had been assigned a partner.

Shifter and non-shifter pairings were common, but Alina Bosch was ex-CIA, and a new recruit. Trevor might be told that she was his partner due to her experience, but he knew the truth. She would only be assigned to him in order to keep an eye on him, and possibly betray him.

I eagerly anticipated reading Her Dark Half for multiple reasons. First, I needed resolution for the whopper of an ending in Her True Match. Was John, who'd had his own romance novella, really dead? Would they find the evidence to bring those who were involved in the bombing to justice? How long would the other couples be on the run? Second, I had simply come to adore Trevor during the series, and was eager for him to have his own story. And finally, which is why this review must have a disclaimer, knowing that the heroine would be Alina... who just happens to be named for a friend of mine.

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