Wolf On the Edge

SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team Series - Book 16

By Paige Tyler

January 2024

Paranormal Romance

Senior Corporal Carter Nelson worried he was becoming a risk to his fellow SWAT teammates. Although they were werewolves like him, he was different. He was an omega, prone to anger and violent outbursts, and lately he was losing control of his actions. He refused to put anyone at risk. Luckily, some of his pack had gotten help from psychiatrist Hadley Delacroix, and now he was seeing her. Unfortunately, the more time he spent with her, Carter knew there was a chance she was "The One" for him, and he knew she would never date a patient.

Hadley Delacroix was proud of her career, but that didn't make facing certain violent offenders any easier. She was trained on how to, and not to, react, but there could be no denying her most recent consultation bothered her beyond anything she'd previously experienced. Learning that the serial killer who had already threatened her was on the loose was terrifying, but there was one person she trusted to comfort her. Protect her. Even if that might be considered inappropriate.

Wolf On the Edge was an adventurous romance with suspense that is beyond creepy. Carter had been a character who many had been worrying about during pervious stories. It was so nice to know he was finally getting the help he needed with Hadley. Hadley was the perfect heroine for Carter. It was wonderful to see how she was able to help him on so many levels. It is always a blast to visit with the SWAT members and their extensive friends and families, and they definitely needed all the help they could get with this absolutely gory villain. Although there are multiple references to previous books, this book does stand on its own. As always, I look forward to the next SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team story.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com

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