Wild As A Wolf

SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team Series - Book 15

By Paige Tyler

Sourcebooks Casablanca - September 2023

Paranormal Romance

Karissa Bonifay went where her family sent her. They ran the security company, and her abilities made her the protection. Which was why she and her younger brother were in Dallas. They were hired to protect a CEO who didn't feel he needed protection, regardless of how high the count of bodies became. It didn't explain the urge that had led her away from her client to a nightclub under attack, and then discovering her old high school boyfriend chasing a supernatural.

To say Hale Delaney was surprised to see his old girlfriend fight off a supernatural was an understatement. But disappearing swords aside, Hale couldn't ignore the thrill at seeing her again, regardless of the crash and burn that had been their breakup. However, things from their past weren't exactly as it had seemed, and neither was their present. Something evil was hunting, and had turned its sights on Karissa. Nothing would keep Hale away.

While Wild as a Wolf was a wild ride from beginning to end, it is at its core a reunion romance between two people who should never have been separated. Multiple supernatural enemies are in town, and it is taking everyone in town, and all their contacts, to try to figure out how to neutralize the threats. I enjoyed watching Hale and Karissa work together both for their future, and to defeat their enemies.

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