Rogue Wolf

SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team Series - Book 12

By Paige Tyler

Sourcebooks Casablanca - August 2021

Paranormal Romance

A member of the Dallas SWAT werewolf pack, Trey Duncan was used to keeping secrets, But when it came to medical examiner Samantha Mills, Trey was doubly cautious. Not only did he believe Samantha suspected there was something unusual about him and his fellow SWAT pack members, but it was just possible that Samantha was The One for him. And that was something he didn't want to mess up. Of course, to mess things up he needed to take the first step and ask her out, but then Samantha made that decision for them.

Samantha had spent the last couple years tracking the SWAT team. But it wasn't only because there was something unusual about him, er them. Well yes, there was definitely an attraction she felt towards Trey in addition to her relentless curiosity to the unending unexplainable incidents they always seemed to be a part of.

Such as the current spate of murders. It appeared that a serial killer was at work leaving a string of mutilated bodies. Trey and Samantha had to work quickly and together to protect others, and possibly themselves.

Rogue Wolf was an intense action-packed romance. Trey and Samantha are a fun couple, each equally attracted and suspicious of the other. It was fun watching them try to navigate their relationship. There is an enjoyable cast of characters, a murder mystery, and a creepy twist that could give nightmares.

Kathy Andrico -

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