Wolf Instinct

SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team Series - Book 9

By Paige Tyler

Sourcebooks Casablanca - July 2019

Paranormal Romance

Zane Kendrick was in LA following a lead with his fellow SWAT team members Rachel Bennett and Diego Martinez. They'd had to split up which was why he found himself alone when he noticed twin young ladies in danger of being abducted. Being a werewolf, the odds were in his favor, regardless of the injury he had recently sustained that hadn't completely healed. However, he found he had an ally in a woman who had shown up and had as many secrets as he did.

Alyssa Carson's newest FBI assignment was the unusual. She was sworn to secrecy, not that anyone would really believe the things she'd seen. She'd jumped into the fray to help Zane rescue the twins, but she was hesitant in trusting him with her case. However, the group she worked with was small and she was in LA alone, so agreeing to work with Zane, Rachel, and Diego just made sense. Their help would speed things along. It had nothing to do with the attraction she felt for Zane.

Wolf Instinct is an action packed, exciting adventure from beginning to end. I loved seeing more about the relations between beta and alpha werewolves. The truth about their adversary was a shocking twist. There were surprises which will add interesting elements for future stories. Most of all, it was a wonderful love story of Zane finding the perfect heroine just for him. I really am looking forward to seeing where Paige Tyler takes the SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team series next.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com

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