Wolf Rising

SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team Series - Book 8

By Paige Tyler

Sourcebooks Casablanca - November 2018

Paranormal Romance

Senior Corporal Jayden Brooks had just left one dangerous assignment for another. The first had risked trained officers, but the second was a much more dangerous mission. A gang member had pulled his gun in his classroom. Jayden would have done anything to save the students and teacher, but when he saw Selena Rosa, his protective instincts went wild.

Selena couldn't stop thinking of the SWAT officer who had saved her life. She decided to track him down to thank him for rescuing her, and as she spent time with him, she began to suspect that he was absolutely perfect. However, Jayden was not the sole individual on her mind. With the shooting, she worried about what her students were doing with their time off, and wanted to ensure that they were safe from the criminal elements. She knew it was dangerous, but she was feeling slightly feral when it came to protecting her own.

Wolf Rising is an action packed addition to Paige Tyler's SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team series. I enjoyed the interaction between Brooks and the other officers and the introduction of the cat. It was interesting watching Selena learn so many truths. In fact, there were so many issues and challenges facing the characters, the romance between Brooks and Selena almost became secondary. Questions are answered, but more questions arise which hopefully will be addressed in the next SWAT story.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com

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