House of Lies

By Maggie Toussaint

The Wild Rose Press - January 2007

Romantic Suspense

Hannah Montgomery was finally going to her late father's cottage. She needed to go through his things, and she had put it off long enough, just as her father had always put her off. Once, he had been a loving doting father, then almost overnight, he had left his family, and only contacted Hannah occasionally. She understood him to be in the imports business, but it was a trial knowing that his work came before her and her mother.

Jake Sutherland had partnered with D.C. Montgomery in the CIA. He didn't understand D.C's reasons for abandoning his family, but he knew that D.C. loved them. He'd respected his partner and had promised to help Hannah, but as soon as he did this, he needed to track down a killer. He blamed himself for the incident that had injured his leg, and killed D.C. But danger seems to be finding Hannah, and Jake knows he has to protect her as well.

The suspense for House Of Lies is not so much who the threat is, but how and when they will act. Hannah has a colleague she is auditing who is anxious about her findings, and Jake knows who betrayed them. However, either or both of them may be behind the suspicious activities. I was intrigued by the buildup of the suspense, but a little let down by the romance. Most of the book was each of them saying why they shouldn't be together, even after only a few hours of knowing each other. Still, I will continue to keep an eye out for Maggie Toussaint.

Kathy Andrico -