The Earl's Wager

By Rebecca Thomas

Entangled Publishing - July 2016

Regency Romance

Will Sutton, the Earl of Grandleigh, was finally making progress in his life. After their father died leaving the estate in disorder, Will had found the perfect husband for his sister Arabella, a friend of his who also shared his family's love for horses. Now, his future looked more optimistic and he wanted to start racing, but he lacked the funds for the investment. Luckily, his brother-in-law had the perfect proposal for him.

Marsdale's cousin had arrived from America. With Will's assistance, he now enjoyed a very happy marriage. So, he offered Will a challenge. If he could find an agreeable match for Georgia, he would give Will a prize race horse. It was a challenge Will needed to win.

Georgia Duvall agreed to Will's lessons, but really, what was the point of all the rules of English society. Anyways, her requirements for a husband differed significantly than Will's plans. Due to stipulations for her inheritance, she just needed a husband, so finding one who was most likely to die quickly and leave her to her independence was ideal.

Falling in love with a stuffy early who disapproved of her choices and needed a wife who would only improve his status in society was not in her plans.

The Earl's Wager was a sweet romance between two headstrong individuals fighting their attraction to one another while learning they were still each other's perfect mate. I had been eager to read Will's story since he had worked his magic while making a match between Arabella and Marsdale in The Earl's Christmas Colt. It was ironic to find that he was to put that same matchmaking talent to use again. Without Arabella's antics in his day to day life keeping him on his toes, he was focusing more on society's opinions of him. Georgia was the ideal mate to pull him out of his shell and realize there was more to life than that.

Kathy Andrico -

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