Mr. Right's Baby

By Michele Stegman

Asylett Press - January 2007

Contemporary Romance

Learning that he'd fathered a child seven years ago, and that she had been put up for adoption without his consent, Adrian Wright had one goal. He wanted to find his daughter, Carly. He wanted to make sure that she was in a good home, loved, and he also wanted to get to know her. Accepting a position as a substitute teacher for Carly's class was a stroke of good luck. He was able to see first hand how she was being cared for.

Widow Katie Simmons knew that her first meeting with her daughter Carly's teacher Mr. Wright probably didn't leave a good first impression. Unfortunately, that didn't improve in their next few encounters. As Katie gets to know Adrian, she quickly realizes that she likes him, and the fact that he was also interested in her daughter was a plus. He seems like the perfect Mr. Right. Yet, she can't help but notice that he seems exceedingly taken with her daughter, and when she learns the truth, she wonders how much had been an act. Was he truly interested in her, or simply his daughter?

Mr. Right's Baby is an entertaining romance about a man who must overcome his initial misconceptions about the woman who is raising his daughter as her own. Michele Stegman has used the appropriate mix of humor and caution as Adrian tries to investigate Carly's situation by keeping the storyline fast paced without it becoming a farce. It was a perfect mix. Readers will understand both Adrian and Katie's position when it comes to their daughter, and will root to have them find that they are also perfect for each other.

Kathy Andrico -