Taming Eliza Jane

By Shannon Stacey

Samhain Publishing - June 2007

Historical Romance

For Eliza Jane Carter, the town of Gardiner, Texas was a project. She was determined to teach the women that they had rights, deserved to be listened to, and not be beholden to a man. She had done this in other towns, and like those, she intended to leave and find a new town to help once she was finished here.

Babysitting a woman with revolutionary thinking was not in Will Martinson's job description. He was the town doctor, and only served as deputy since his best friend was sheriff. Those two jobs kept him busy enough, but now Eliza Jane was causing an uproar in every establishment that she entered. Not only was she very tall, striking, and attractive enough to pretty much keep only one thought on Will's mind, but now he had to protect Eliza Jane from the men livid over the ruckus she was causing.

Taming Eliza Jane was a lively read that was a thorough delight. I enjoyed the romance between Eliza Jane and Will, and was moved by watching them both overcome their personal issues in order to find happiness together. I loved the inhabitants of Gardiner, and would love to revisit the town. That's why I'm thrilled to know that there will be a sequel.

Kathy Andrico - GottaWriteNetwork.com