Beyond the Night

Companion Series - Book 7

Short Story in Dead After Dark Anthology

By Susan Squires

St. Martin's - December 2008

Drew Carlowe had returned for two reasons, vengeance and love. He had loved Emily, but her father had lied and sent him away. Through the years, he had planned for this. Now, he was back, with a new name, a fortune, and a goal. It all started with his purchase of Ashland.

Rumors surrounded Ashland, that there was a ghost, and she took blood. Drew knew it to be folklore, possibly started with trespassers, and quickly dismissed the stories. That was until he met the woman behind the stories, a woman with eyes that glowed red.

Beyond the Night was a story of spoiled expectations tempered with new hope. Drew had lived his life with one goal, but was having to realize it was a dream established with a child's view. Now he was a man who was being given a new chance. Although a short story, there was a definite growth to both the hero and heroine, which enhanced their romance. Also, there was an enjoyable slightly gothic feel to the story.

Dead After Dark Anthology contains Shadow of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon, The Story of Son by J. R. Ward, Beyond the Night by Susan Squires, and Midnight Kiss Goodbye by Dianna Love.

Kathy Andrico -