Worth Every Risk

Silhouette Intimate Moments #1356

By Dianna Love Snell

March 2005

Romantic Suspense

Angel Farentino knew that there was nobody she could turn to - no one she could trust. Exposing corruption at work to her boss, he had effectively turned the tables on her. He had hired her for her history with the law and for the fact that she could easily be made to disappear. When she finally managed to escape his private fortress, she knew better than to trust the pilot of the plane she hid on. Although he did put himself at risk to save her, she knew better than to trust anyone.

The haunted eyes of the woman hiding in the back of his plane sent Zane Black's pulses racing more than he'd care to admit. She was obviously in trouble, but even more obvious was the fact that she would not turn to him for help. Now was not a good time for him anyways, he was finally close to a break in the case he was working on as an undercover DEA agent. But how could he help her at all when she wouldn't trust him enough to tell him what why she was running.

In her debut novel, Dianna Love Snell has delivered a romance packed with action, suspense, and emotion. Angel is a heroine too burned by her past to allow anyone close to her. Can Zane fight his way past her defenses? Try this new author to find out - you'll enjoy the read.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com