Madas's Falling Star

Short Story in Pets in Space 4 Anthology

By S. E. Smith

October 2019

Science Fiction Romance

Princess Madas Tralang needed to escape. Her mother, Queen of the Forest Tearnats, had decreed she would mate, and she had no intention of following her mother's dictates. Then her opportunity arrived in the form of a crashed ship. The only problem was the pilot. He was alive, and he was a Sand Tearnat. She had heard stories of them. Fearsome. Fighters. They killed and ate their enemies. She, with the help of her pet L'eon, was going to have to lead him from his ship, return to it, and escape this planet.

Prince Gril Tal Mod thought he simply needed to repair his ship, but it quickly became apparent that a saboteur had been at play. He had a feeling someone was watching him when a little lizard appeared. It seemed to want to help him, and he was happy with the company, until the sneak stole something he needed and he realized it was conspiring with a female who had been watching him.

Thus begins a game of hunter and prey, where the roles periodically shift, and truths, rumors and lies are exposed.

Madas's Falling Star is an exciting, fun, romantic short story certain to please. L'eon is a unique pet with entertaining abilities. I enjoyed watching the interaction between Madas, Gril and L'eon. Madas really puts Gril through the paces as she tries to outwit him. Gril is a wonderful hero, fascinated with this woman, shocked at her belief that his people ate others, and determined to find a future for them. I enjoyed the chase, the mystery and the adventure.

Kathy Andrico -